About Neu Tool

At Neu Tool & Supply Our Commitment Runs Deep

In the early fifties, Lester Neu made a living as a mobile distributor. With years of hard work and dedication, Les sought to fill a supply chain gap. After some negotiation and a little planning, he found support buying in bulk and servicing fellow distributors.

By 1964 Neu Tool was one of the first independent tool and equipment warehouse distributors in North America and has continued to grow.

Today, Neu Tool is 100% employee owned and remains heavily dedicated to customer service. Sales and support staff have backgrounds in mobile tools, parts stores, and warehousing operations. The experience of our employees allows Neu Tool to provide customer service to a wide base of clients ranging from mobile and industrial tool distributors to parts and paint stores across the nation.

Neu Tool has become the best source for Tools, Equipment, and Auto Body Supplies.